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Computer Packages

Computer Packages

For a beginner, computer packages training is meant to enlighten the learner on the basics of computer operating systems. Our training is hands-on and prepares learners to join other courses with confidence in computer literacy.

Computer Packages Courses

Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & ICT Concepts 1 Month Kshs. 5,000/-
Microsoft Excel, Ms Access, Internet Concepts & Communications 1 Month Kshs. 5,000/-
Computer Application Packages (10 Packages) 2 Months Kshs. 10,000/-
Microsoft Advanced Excel 1 Month Kshs. 15,000/-
Certificate in Computer Application (CSK) 3 Months Kshs. 18,000/-
Diploma in Computer Application (CSK) 6 Months Kshs. 36,000/-
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